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Unique store concepts according to the wishes of our customers

The store fitting division has existed since the company was founded. This long experience combined with new innovative ideas enables us to bridge the usual demands and meet the high expectations of our customers. The requirements for shopfitting have changed a lot in the last years and are now much more than shelves, counters and cash registers. Rather, individual and modern store fittings are required, which lead to a combination of assortment and environment. We always manage to find the specific, creative and contemporary solutions for our customers.
For more than 20 years we know what is important in shopfitting. We know the different industries and the specifics that need to be considered. Regardless of whether it is store fitting in the retail trade or store fitting in the catering trade. As a creative and strong partner, we stand by our customers and support the entire process from planning to the finished store.

Individuelle Anpassung an die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden

Individuelle Anpassung an die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden

Mit unserem erfahrenen Konstruktionsteam ist es möglich Fahrzeugausbauten zu individualisieren und flexibel zu planen. Durch unsere Erfahrung und innovative Vorgehensweise können wir auf eine Vielfalt an Funktionen und Ausstattungsmöglichkeiten zurückgreifen. Hierdurch können wir unsere Kunden die individuellen Lösungen bieten, welche gefragt sind.

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